Christophe is available for recording sessions over the internet, If you're interested in having him to play on your project, please contact him here...
How does it work ? 

1. Send an email using the link above and make a  description of your project as well as a clear direction for the sessions.

2. Chris will contact you shortly after
your request, give you a skype connection so you can speak
directly with him about the
project and then will give you
an access to a server where
you can upload your backing
tracks and scores (if any).

3. You will receive a link to a mix down of the 1st shot, at that point if you want
to change something or if you need
an alternate version for more choices,
it is still possible with extra charge.

 4. After all the takes are accepted, you'll  receive the invoice with all details for using paypal.
5. As soon as the invoice is paid, you get  your access to the server to download  your files.