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During his last fifteen years, Christophe has forged a multi-faceted career. Stage guitarist, studio musician, teacher, columnist, demonstrator, author, composer and producer for many publishing houses, Christophe is developing a game to put path between TJ Helmerich and Allan Holdsworth.


His career began in 1994 in various television broadcasts  "Interville, 40 degrees in the shade etc ..." and in many formations with which he crisscrosses Europe "  Spain, Italy, Germany, England, Switzerland etc… ”.

At the same time, Chris started his career as a sideman with artists such as Gérard le Normand, André Verchuren, KJ-Dallaway, Tom Mc Clung "Archie Shepp pianist" etc ...

Christophe endorse in 2001 LANEY amplifiers and collaborate as a demonstrator for Barrillon guitars and Benedetti microphones, through numerous exhibitions "MusicMess" Frankfort ", International Guitar Fair" Montpelier ", Musicora" Paris "".


In 2002, he worked as a composer, arranger and producer for labels  Koka-Media and SPP Music. In the same year, he accompanies Shania Twain and Alizé "Concerts, Show Télé…".


Chris ensures in 2004 the national tour of the singer Dave for the release of his album "Doux Tam Tam". He then performs the first part of Donna Summer and goes on many studio sessions.


A year later Christophe met the luthier Laurent Cavé. This partnership will give birth to a signature model with which he will lead numerous masterclasses across France "CIM, Artist ', Zicbox, Music Leader, La Farinière…".


In 2008 Chris worked with violinist David Peter on various Gypsy / Gypsy songs. They will then create the “Tzigane Project” training.

In the same year, he published his first educational work entitled  "Amazin 'CHORDS & MODES"  whose international distribution is provided by ID MUSIC.


The following year, Christophe goes on studio sessions for string quartets, gypsy ensembles, pop rock groups, jazz rock, etc. At the same time, he animates Masterclasses at the MAI in Nancy and  appears in various specialist magazines.


En 2008 Chris travaille avec le violoniste David Peter sur divers titres Tzigane/manouche. Ils créeront par la suite la formation «Tzigane Project ».

Dans la même année, Il publie son premier ouvrage pédagogique intitulé  "Amazin’ CHORDS&MODES"  dont la distribution internationale est assurée par ID MUSIC.


L’année suivante, Christophe enchaine les séances studio pour des quatuors à corde, ensembles tziganes, formations pop rock, jazz rock etc … Dans un même temps, il anime des Masterclass au MAI de Nancy et  parait dans divers magazines spécialisés.

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